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  1. SLICK7

    Awesome work

    I wanted to take a minute and tell everybody that your figures/work continues to be second to know. Thank you for sharing. Ground Pounders remains my favorite place to check out incredible 1/6 posts. Sorry not to coment on each post but my visual issues make it difficult. So one big shout out to...
  2. SLICK7

    Foxhole Rita & Christmas in the Ardennes

    Looked back at some stuff I made in the past. Eyesight slowly coming back. I hope to start a new dio soon.
  3. SLICK7

    Le Collaborateur

    Vsion still bad Makes me miss favorite hobby. Back soon I home. Fun to look at old projects. Thanks for support.
  4. SLICK7

    Erwin Rommel dio help question, what wounds did he sustain when his car was attacked?

    I'm working on an Erwin Rommel dio. My crappy eye sight makes the process 10 times harder than it used to be. I tried to look this up online but gave up. Can anybody tell me what wounds ER sustained when his car was attacked? Thanks. Looking forward to first dio since my brain popped. I hope I...
  5. SLICK7

    Long Strange Trip

    Wow. I can't believe I haven't been on since March. I was shocked to see figures shipping at $160 bucks too. Anyway, on March 8 I was laying on the sofa watching the boob tube and I had a massive stroke. I died twice and somehow I'm still hear. Doctors say I'm a miracle. WTF. My eyesight is not...
  6. SLICK7

    Member of Luftwaffe ground personel- Wormditt (Orneta) airfild.

    Very nice. I find it hard to believe that you just started weathering. Great figure. Thanks for sharing. Slick
  7. SLICK7

    Dragon's Schweres Wurfgerät 41 kit.

    Great build. Every aspect looks awesome. Isn't it amazing how little consistency there is from one cameras color to another.
  8. SLICK7

    Hello from Spain

    Welcome. I agree, your work is fantastic. I always say the 1:1 compliment is the highest accolade a person can receive as a scale modelist and as others have stated you have earned that compliment! You have mastered the most overlooked detail in the hobby too - capturing human form and posture...
  9. SLICK7

    Backyard Battle #8

    Absolutely fantastic. Great job. Smoke n fire are awesome. I agree with Fred, this is the kind of post that attracted me to the forum in the first place. Thanks for sharing.
  10. SLICK7

    Very Sad Day

    Sorry to hear about this horrible bummer. Condolences to you and to Mike's family.
  11. SLICK7

    Miss Ya Lemmy ................RIP

    Not a big Motorhead fan, but how could you not love Lemmy. When asked in an interview a few years back if it was true that he had been with 1200 women he said it was closer to 1000. Atta boy! RIP Lemmy.
  12. SLICK7

    40-45 Then & Now: Following kamfgruppe Peiper's route

    Great photos Dutchman! Thanks for posting. A trip to Bastogne is an absolute must for any WWII nut, or should I say "Nuts".
  13. SLICK7

    40-45 Then & Now: Following kamfgruppe Peiper's route

    A couple years back I was in La Roche standing on the other side of the river across from the Achilles. I was up the hill road that runs along side the castle - the night sky was illuminated by millions of stars. I thought about the soldiers from all of the armies that passed through the area...
  14. SLICK7

    Quiet moment in Bastogne...

    Wow Hank. You are 100% right about that. He would have been an awesome addition to the Foxhole Rita dio. Looks like we were working on the project together. He's fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Slick
  15. SLICK7

    No Snow Yet!!!

    Now that's funny!
  16. SLICK7

    The Calm Before the Storm - 28th Infantry Division - December 15th, 1944

    Well done Fred. You should be really happy and proud of the way that your ton of invested time turned out. Us dio guys know that there is nothing easy about an elaborate layout such as what you put together here. Fantastic job. I saw one reply that thought that a little dirt/weathering would...
  17. SLICK7

    Some old time Xmas post's

    Now that there is some dark humor.
  18. SLICK7

    Foxhole Rita & Christmas in the Ardennes

    I wish I had time to do a new Christmas dio, who knows maybe a quickie over the weekend. But in the mean time I thought I would recycle an oldie.
  19. SLICK7

    Merry Xmas from the cellar.

    Actually Peter, you could mass produce that HS and sell it to the crazy Philadelphia Eagles football fans as Chip Kelly. LOL. Here's a pic of Chip on a website called Southern Philly: https://southernphilly.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/college-boy/
  20. SLICK7

    Merry Xmas from the cellar.

    Great figure. The HS captures the spirit of the dio perfectly. Nice use of your barrels too. Merry Christmas Peter! SLICK