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Hammer Six 04-29-2018 11:02 PM

Beware...ebay buyers
About 2 months ago several venders with (0) experience were selling DiD and 3R double packs on new figure starting bid wad $3.99 US. I bid on two groups and won the figure for a good p[rice. Followed the tracking to west coast of US and tracking goes silent until I receive email notice that package was delivered. No packages. Went back to was delivered to northern CA and the other to TX.
Reported to Ebay and got immediate refund. They were reporting it to local authorities as a scam.

Well they are back: if you look under German action figures there are three brand new figures starting at .77 US...this includes Reinhard, Hans (from Bastards) and the KSK Kommando.

It appears that sometime after the 'figures' arrive the shipping label is getting changed but the tracking stays the same.

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