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saleo 06-06-2005 04:26 PM

Tutorial: Basic German Helmet Upgrade - the helmet shell
Here is a basic tutorial for upgrading the shell of the German Stalhelm. With the new releases by Dragon andothers many of the helmets are fine as is, but no need to waste the older "not as detailed" plastic helmets.

Seeing so many posts by Hank, Sixty, Seige, Pilgram and other talented folks. I sat down and tried to figure what I, with my limited modleing talents, could share with the board. I came up with my basic upgrade to German helmets. It's easy, fast, and adds a lot to the look of the helmet.

The tools used are 2 mini grommets (Goodie Two Shoes), 3 size 18 brass nails (Walmart), super glue, pin vise, x-acto knife, needle nose pliers and pointed tweezers.

Bascally all you do is trim off the 2 vents and 3 rivet heads. Drill holes where they use to be. Trim the brass nail heads to about 1/8" long. Insert and glue the grommets in the vent holes and the nail heads in the rivet holes. Paint. Done. (Don't forget to relplace the chin strap with leather)

The following photos are pretty self-explanatory. I like the slightly oversize split rivet heads that hold the liner in place. You can get a more correct scale by using pin heads or other such items. Either way the helmet has more interesting detail to the eye.

SFC Reising 09-04-2005 01:17 AM

What a vast improvement on the molded versions. :)

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