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i dont hide the fact that i play with "dolls" but i sure dont advertise it either. But im still in high school and i think teens would be more vicous towards me if they knew. I gotten a cuople of weird and a cuople of funny reactions when i bring people down to my basement were i keep my private army stationed ( and im not just talkin about the girls either ). I guess it is more of a shock when i bring poeple over becuase at school i really have a persona of being touch guy" ranger andy". If u knew me u would see why. im 6'4 about 200lb. and i always score 300s on our Rotc pt test, best shot on rifle team, commaner of this and that..... So u get the picture that other people wouldnt expect me to have a hobby thats considered only "candy asses" do.

But that hasnt stoped me and it never will
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