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Originally Posted by Sixth Vanguard";p=&quot View Post

You guys scratching your heads over what is "kinda weird" about Dennis' figure cracks me up

I could be wrong but I read his comment...

I just noticed something on my figure thats kinda weird. Check it out

Modified m-43 pile cap - GI Joe/Hasbro
Tanker jacket/goggles/c-rations - Dragon
Tanker bibs - BBI
Sweater - 21st century
Belt and Helmet - DID
Boots - Newline/ Graham Court
Rank insignia-- Pangea95/Randy Stone
as taking notice of the fact that his figure uses parts from a bunch of manufacturers / customizers. Can't really call it a Dragon or a DiD or a BBI figure, but a true ToySurgeon Frankenfigure

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