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Board and Community Rules

Rules and Regulations

1. New posts should be made in the relevant section.

2. Replies should be relevant to the post.

3. Politics are FORBIDDEN We have a zero tolerance for political discussion in ANY of the forums.

4. Corporate representatives are more than welcome here, in fact we encourage their participation. The only caveat is that corporate representatives (official or non-official) plainly identify their affiliation in either their screen name OR via custom signature.

5. Sales in the discussion forums are prohibited. This includes hawking for others.

6. Personal problems will not be discussed here at the SAG, period.

7. ADDED: 6/17/2005 Manufacturer bashing and partisan party wars are NOT welcome here. Comparing two similar releases is encouraged, arguing/speculating about which company copied which company are NOT the types of discussions were are trying to foster here. We do not see a single constructive/useful purpose for these types of debates. We can not control the competitive course some companies choose to take here and instead prefer to focus on the accuracy or overall quality of a product regardless of who's trademark is stamped on the box.

That is about it for the rules. We could write many more rules for those lacking common sense but we do not come here to play lawyer and get into all sorts of hair splitting. If your lacking common sense and or decency all the rules in the world are not going to help you out.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!
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