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Little update :
Ted was starting to have slight doubts about the glider number, memory being a little suspect after such a long time.

But it seems that the son of one of his jeep crew has been making enquiries about his father , and confirms that his father , Sgt.H.F Rowe, left details that he flew in glider 356.

The Jeep and crew drove off quickly , once unloaded, and headed for the sounds of the guns.
My father and his co-pilot sensibly retired in the opposite direction , where they found some lost US airborne men.
The Jeep and gun crew , including Sgt.Rowe, were captured and spent two months in Stalag XIB Fallingbostel.

My Dad and Ivan Lancaster his co-pilot ran into no such difficulties , and later found their rendevous point at a nearby farm, where they were largely untroubled by opposition, the area having been succesfully cleared.
The time was spent devouring delicacies hidden by the farm's inhabitants....
Within 48 hours they marched west , escorting prisoners, and flew back to the UK.

But the Sgt.Rowe story merely corroborates the glider number, which is good news.
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