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Re: Battleground Models

Thank you all for the feedback.

I'm surprised about the jerry cans and barrels. These would seem to be commodity items for the big companies and casters to do. A quick google found these jerry cans which look pretty good and are in stock:

As well as these barrels:

Are these too expensive, not detailed enough, the wrong variants, or ?

I'm going to start with a few radios, the film projector and camera. These are easy to upscale and make with the equipment I have on hand. I'll report back with photos and rough pricing to see if this is worth pursing further.

For the radios and projector:

Would you want them hollow so that you could put lights inside?
What if they were a clear-ish material allowing light inside to bleed through any unpainted, or lightly painted areas?
Should the holes be large enough to fit a particular (?) gauge of wire?

Happy Holidays!

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