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I started off recollecting by my foks finding some of my original '65 G.I. Joes. My first new figures were stashed away up on the shelf, behind the Vintage 12" Star Wars figures. Over time, the WWII figures seemed to move to the forefront of the shelf.

Since way back I always wanted a tank for the '65 joes. Then I found out about groups like this one and others like bay Area tankers. That was the first time I saw a 1/6th scale RC tank, and I had to save up for one. I bought a 1/6th JS-2 and started taking it to the BAT meetings. When we have get togethers at local parks, it is always fun to watch the guys that are interested and want to come closer and yet at the same time are unsure if they should.

After one of the saturday BAT meetings, I had to go to the office, and didn't want to leave the JS-2 in the car, so I took it inside. I definately felt weird about it. dIt did seem to cause a little less work getting done that saturday. But it was well received, and I decided to leave it in my office as a kind of huge centerpiece. It's alot of fun to see the double take from people new to the office. I had a bunch of Russian troops on the tank, and they looked a bit too much like terriorists, so I started collecting wine bottles and food stuff, so now they look like a drunken party on the top of a tank. Every so often the little guys are moved around, and I let people have their enjoyment. Nothing has ever gone missing, tho one guy apoligized for breaking the sniper rifle while trying to get a guy to hold it. I told him he now had to go out and buy his own little guys to play with, which he has. Most people are amazed by the detailing of the uniforms and equipment.

Sometimes I get those funny looks, ya know the kind that seems to say "what an idiot". Oh, well, there're just missing out.

At home, I didn't go out of my way to tell people, or out of my way not to tell people.

In regards to some of the comments about Jewish views of this hobby, a couple of our local members are Jewish and do collect figures of all sides of the war. One christian friend won't collect Japanese figures because of what his dad and uncle went through in the Pacific, but he is fine with collecting German figures. I also know a few Jews that have purchased our Tiger and Panther tanks.

I've never thought about this before: does collectors in Germany or Japan refrain from collecting Allied figures?

On a personal note, I did a double take on the posting for the two Chinese soldiers in Korean War gear. the figures were very well done, but my first reaction was a little bit of anger because this was the first time I had seen figures that represented the side that my dad fought in the ground war in Korea. I got over this pretty quickly, but I learned something about myself from looking at those two figures.

If two 1/6th scale figures can make oneself question their belief and bias, then this can and is a powerful hobby. (Inaddition to being just plain fun).

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