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joe brown
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:S Anything 1/6 th WWII is ok by me, would like to see more American / Allied gear. Where's some us half tracks , some shermans, more dodge variants like the wepons / troop carrier, trailers and well some trucks.

As for a B17 bring it on, I would love one !

I see it this way,we can follow the hobby and the manufacturers like sheep, or lead it and them. Lets put pressure where due and get out of them what we want. After all , isn't the customer always right ?
:S Lets press 21st C, Dragon and all to bring out wider ranges
and better packs of uniforms / equipment with wider / longer availability.

Keep smili'n and keep up the good work fellers and the Gal's too.

Nice to talk to you all again. Nite Nite ! Catch you on the morrow.
Joe B BattleboxUK
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