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As far as I am concerned, my hobby is not a secret: I don't go around advertising my passion to the world, because frankly it's nobody's business, but if someone asks I'm not shy to tell them. I've learnt to adopt a sort of military correctness approach to the hobby: if they don't ask, I won't tell.
But as far as my family and friends are concerned, I've heard my fair share of 'army barbie' jokes, but you know what, as soon as a new figure or parts come in, my older brother is always the first one to come in admire and say how cool the collection is...he's even helped me find a couple of rare figures on ebay!
But I see it as a harmless hobby just like any other, and when you look at it, everybody has a dark little hobby that costs them bundles of money. Whenever my family or friends start on the 'doll' jokes, I just return fire: my brother collects vintage soccer jerseys which in my opinion all look the same and cost way too much; my father is in love with collecting watches, mind you they are nice, but how many Tissots and Omegas can you have that you never wear; my mother collects shoes, which still remains a mystery to me; and when my best friend ridicules me because of my hobby, I just point out that the fact that at least once a month he gets at least 500.00$ worth of parking and speeding who is wasting their money now?
When it comes to making your hobby public, it is not a question of being ashamed or embarassed because you play with toys, its a question of showing something that is trully important to you, something that makes you happy, allows you to relax, and for many here, to express themselves.
I know that for me, my collection is a way unwind, to relive my childhood, and express my artistic inhibitions.
Besides one my girlfriends was very impressed by the collection and even said to me: a person that puts this much attention and detail into one thing, must trully be devoted in all apsects of their life. That really stuck with me.
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