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Re: is your hobby a secret ?

I was just thinking about this recently because I posted a couple of dio pics on Facebook and got a lot of ribbing from friends. But the one thing that made me chuckle was that an old girl friend whom I have known since elementary school made a comment about remembering walking by my house and seeing me in the backyard playing with my GI Joes on SEVERAL occasions. I believe we were in the 4th grade at the time which would have made that roughly 1970. I have never lost my love of playing with them although now I don't so much as play with them as collecting and creating dios for display purposes. My kids were into the 3 1/2" versions so they never took a keen interest in the 1/6 scale versions for some reason. So, my grandkids may end up with my collection eventually unless i donate them to a veteran's group nearby and let them display them in their facilities.
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