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I keep a pretty low profile, my family all knows, and just tends to roll their eyes in my general direction. At a family event last year, an old freind of my Grandfather found the hobby a little disocncerning and decided that I was obviously in cahoots with the forces of evil.

I don't really tell freinds about the hobby, I mention I build plastic models, and they usually find it normal, none of them have ever seen my workshop in its unclean form, with nudies all over, and decapitated heads half-painted on pikes.

I usually explain the hobby to freinds who ask by showing them the OSW and SAG, and then the workshop. I find that females, other people with collections, modelers, and people with other strange secret hobbies tend to react best to the collection. One freind I showed the collection to (one of the most "macho" of my freinds) explained that he had secretly collected beanie-babies for years (e had damn near 500 of them)!

On an interesting note, I've heard more than a few girls mention that "GI joe collecting" is a plus, because it shows they are comfortable with who they are and still have a bit of child in them. So maybe 1/6th collecting does have it social gains somewhere lol.
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