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This is an interesting topic. I'm with you fellow closet dwellers, Loose Lips Sink Ships. Though, I must admit I have been becoming very lax lately and more and more people are finding out about me. Time to put a lid on it, clamp down and go back under deep cover.

When I first got into this, I was not very forthcoming even with my wife. Now she knows, the whole fam damily knows. Sometimes I wish they didn't, but I don't get in their face about it, so they respect my privacy and don't mention it. Sort of a don't ask -- don't tell.

Some people just don't get it. Any kind of model, action figure, toy train, diorama is "kid stuff." Don't think that other scale modellers or R/C'ers are immune either. The stigma my not be as pronounced with them as it is with soldier dollies, but it's still there. It is like I heard recently on a DVD about model railroading, the man had a one of the biggest layouts in the country worth tens of thousands and he said some people just can't see them as anything other than a toy. Or in our case, gasp, a doll.

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