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Keep my hobby a secret?? No way!! I use my collection to dio at veterans events throughout Northern Va. as well as an annual event at the National D-Day Memorial in July each year. I have been interviewed for local papers, as well as television stations. I have found all people I have encountered to be very supportive, as well as appreciative of my displays. I live in a very small town, and I have gained some limited notoriety as " The G.I. Joe Guy" Most people think of them as model soldiers, although I personally hate them being referred to as " G.I. Joes"
Before I retired, I had a photo of a small dio on my P.C. wallpaper and was asked frequently where I got the color WWII photo for my computer. When I pointed out that they where models, they where very impressed.
Don't hide your hobby , Rich, It will be much more accepted than you think.
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