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I love my 1/6 collection and don't regret for one minute buying any of them!
I must admit I tend not to discuss it unless someone ask's as I do get some funny looks at times. While some folks will think it's cool and show an interest others will just laugh or snigger and make comments about playing with dolls. It just shows their ignorance really.
I buy these dolls for myself and not for them.
Sometimes in private some people will admit how cool they are but they can't in front of their mates. I guess it shows how insecure they are with themselves.
My family are ok with my collection, the only comments I ever hear are 'why are there so many germans?' and 'what are you going to do with them all?' (I don't display them at the moment as I don't have the space so I just store them all after purchase).
I also get stick from some people because of my model railway collection. Some people just can't see past the 'toy trains' thing. When I tell them how much an engine or wagon costs you should see their faces!
But these things make me happy and that's what counts!
One of the reasons I like forums like this one is that we all have the same interest in 1/6. I don't actually know anyone else who collects 1/6 except on these forums so it's nice to be able to talk to others with the same interest! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who gets excited by a new military doll being released! Ron.
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