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Re: Project - 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - PAKem in

The 1/6th scale PAK 40 is courtesy of 21st Century Toys (noting they also produced one in 1/18th scale). They were released early-on in the century and though I'm not a big fan of the 21st Century Toys 1/6th range (I always found them rather too plastic-like and clunky in detail compared to more recent offerings but, for their day when such vehicles just weren't around in that larger scale they sufficed).

I bought three back in 2005 rather cheaply from a model shop which was closing down and remains one of my favourite pieces from the 21st CT 1/6th range with moveable elevation, trails, breech plus comes with an ammo container and four rather plain rounds (which will also do up nicely) with the idea of doing up an outdoor diorama of them all waiting in ambush and I've always been keen to paint one of them in three-tone camo (they come in dark grey).

Alas, 15 years later, I've finally got the chance to do so as part of the PAK gun diorama which ostensibly will be all three lined up with crews, ammo and info cards. I do recall Cyber Hobby Exclusive brought one out as well which, like their PAK38, is made of the heavy polystone common to CHE 1/6th back in the day.

Two more 21st Century PAK40s were procured unfortunately a friend's deceased estate so with five in-total, I plan to paint/detail at least three of them (keeping with that ambitious ambush plan of 2005) leaving options open for the other two.

Cheers, Steve
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