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Re: Project - 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - PAKem in

G'day all,

Just another quick one to signal the end of the PAK gun build phase after completing the 21st Century Toys PAK40. As stated earlier, all crews for the weapon platforms will be done last (doing all the figures at once, I reckon, will save time and reduce the 'stop/start' process given I seem to be on a roll with weapons of late.

Of the three PAK guns, I'd have to say the PAK40 was probably the least satisfying to do up and I think this is because it's somewhat 'clunky' in detail compared to the DML PAK36 and CHE PAK38 though she came up nicely enough as a companion piece for the others. I've other PAK40s - all 21st Century - in the collection, a couple I did back in 2005 (experimentation) but now that I've got a decent airbrush I'll no doubt re-do them in a process line system with the other two (an unfortunate acquisition via the loss of a fellow collector and friend some years back). After a diorama will all of them redone, I'll probably sell three with crews (such is the eventual plan).

The PAK40 will have a W-SS crew and I'm in two minds whether or not to apply netting/foliage, I guess I'll do a bit of dabbling and see how it looks in the near future. Once all the crews are done, I'll post another pic or two of all three with their crews, ammo and such.

Enjoy, Steve
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