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Re: Project 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - Nebelwerfer

For an scene involving artillery, it's only fitting that the field piece be surrounded by plenty of ammo in order to give it the effects of a true gunline.

With that in-mind, the rather mundane - but necessary - task of painting and detailing enough 15cm Nebel rounds and transit cases for four launchers has now been done to make a total of 48 rounds and 28 transit cases. The 3d printed rounds for the launchers (reducing the weight of the launcher overall), the heavier metal-alloy rounds that come with the accessory packs providing the second salvo (to be positioned near each launcher ready for loading) with the transit cases, some empty, some not - to the rear.

The metal rounds required three coats - oxide primer, coat of Citadel black and basecoat of Humbrol field grey. A final coat of matt lacquer ensures a reduction in chipping given the material. Whilst I've stencilled all the metal rockets, the plastic rounds for the launchers have only the HE component so-stencilled.

With all that done, it's now time for the finer detailing of the launchers. Crews will be assembled last. As a sidenote of another rocket launcher that'll be part of the 'Wehrmacht Firepower' show - I found several Wurfgeret 41s in one of my storage boxes with the intent of using one to be positioned next to one Nebelwerfer for the show. Enjoy, Steve
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