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Re: Project 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - Nebelwerfer

Regards the 'stencilling', I actually applied the hand-drawn' method which took a bit of concentration. I wrote out what I wanted to apply first on blank paper in order to get the scale right and then applied to the models in fine-tipped white paintpen for the rounds and fine-point black 'Sharpie' for the containers. Will get some close-up pics and post. I had thought decals for the containers however given they are plastic 3d print (hence some fine printing lines) I suspected they may not adhere smoothly enough sans those that came with the accessory kits. White decals are a problem given the sheets I use - whilst good for black - are near useless for other colours (though if anyone knows of decal paper that is applicable then please let me know as I'm sure that is a 'bug-bear' of many on the SAG. Cheers, Steve
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