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Re: Project 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - Nebelwerfer

Lovely weapon. I have one.
Looking for more.
Make a nice addition to my Panzer werfer 43.
Btw, did Panzerwerfer units work in cohesion with both types of equipment?

Cheers for the kind comments (and also the waffenfarbe which I'll seek to utilise for the crews). As for whether or not werfer units (encompassing differing types of equipment) worked together, I suspect as the war ground-on that it would not be uncommon in order to achieve the desired effect on a target though I've yet to come across any period pictures illustrating such (pics of the various werfers in-action are of a single type or a mix of variants of the same type. If I do find a pic I'll be to sure to post. Would like to see pics of your Panzerwerfer 43 though?. Cheers, Steve
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