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6 Scale Icons True Scale Flag Series. Big Post Lots of Pics

6th Scale Icons Inc True Scale Flag Series.

It has been four and a half years since I lost all my 6 scale flag products in the fires, now at last I have been able to get them remade and will continue to make more if there is a demand for them. I had a few problems with the company that made these, the problems are now resolved and I have the flags in stock ready to ship. I am making a special offer on these flags, as they have taken over six months to get them to the production standard I required and I would like to get back some of my investment that was made when they were ordered.

The first flags in this series are the Adolf Hilter Personal Marker Standard, the German National War Flag (Battle Flag), correct title ‘REICHSKRIEGSFLAGGE’ and the German National and Mercantile Flag (Swastika Flag) formerly The "HAKENKREUZ FLAG"

Due to the mistakes made in the production of the German National War Flag and the German National and Mercantile Flag I have in stock a number of these flags with a black line around the reverse side. This line was put there by the manufacturer to assist in the sewing of the flags to the correct size, it made it easier for them. I insisted that there be now black line and the flags were remade without the line. As a special offer I will include one of these incorrect flags with each purchase of a correct flag. They are perfect on the obverse side, you get two flags for the price of one. See below for details.

For more details and history on these flags read my post on August 31, 2007

Note: All 6 scale flag sizes are based on real original flag sizes, most flags come in several standard sizes, to many to produce. I have selected in most cases the most common used sizes.

Adolf Hilter Personal Marker Standard
Set consists of a printed double sided flag made the same as the original, a modified German WW1 Lance as the flag pole the same as the original and a Infantry Flag Bearers Arm Patch.

German National War Flag
This flag is printed on both sides of a single peice of cloth as was the real one, hence the mirror image on the reverse side. Flag has the correct rope loop tie cords, these were not fitted with grommets, edges are double line sewn as was the real one. Flag size 6.5" x 11.5"


Showing black printed line on reverse. This is how the free flag will look on the reverse.

Real 2nd pattern flag showing correct tie cords.

Comparision of 1st and 2nd pattern. 2nd pattern was used during WW2.

German National and Mercantile Flag
Construction detail same as National War Flag.


Showing double line sewning.

Showing black line on free flags

For pricing go to the Maintenance Battalion Forum.

Other Flags currently available.
German Tank and Vehicle ID Flags. These have printed logos on white cloth which is sown onto one side of the red background as was the real ones. They have double stitched edges with grommets in four corners.
Large ID Flags for Tanks. Size 6" x 13"
Swastika ID Flag.

Balken Cross ID Flag

Real flag for comparision.

Small ID Flags for Vehicles and Half-tracks. Size 6" x 7"
Swastika ID Flag.

Balken Cross ID Flag

Real flag for comparision.

Proposed Future Flag Production. Your input here will help me decide if it is worthwhile producing these flags.

US 48 Star Flags
I plan on producing the two most famous sizes, those that were raised on Iwo Jima. The first was a small size flag, which was taken down on the order of a General that wanted it as a keepsake and replaced by a larger flag, the more famous one. See pictures below. The full story of this can be read in "Flags of our Fathers"
Sample artwork.

British Union Jack
British Navel Union Jacks had grommets for attaching to flag poles, all other land based ones had a rope eye at the top and rope cord at the bottom. See Pictures below.
Sample artwork.

Note tie cord.

Note grommets

Japanese Flags
The Japanese in WW2 had two main flags, the Rising Sun Flag and the Red Circle Flag, commonly know as the Meat Ball Flag. Both types were put to many uses. Here are a few proposed flags.
Unit Flags.

Note two corner grommets on one side on these small flags

Note three grommets on one side of this large flag.

Personal Flags

Weapon Flags
No artwork done for these, size will be 1.4" x 1.5"

Please e-mail, PM or ask here if you have any interest or questions.

6th Scale Icons Inc. is dedicated to producing accurately scaled products.
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