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Re: 1:6 nashorn 88 mm self-propelled guns

Originally Posted by loic View Post
Amazing job! I LOVE to see a "transparent tank"! That would be a great idea for a tank with full interior

To answer a few of your questions:

1) How old is your FOA kit? FOA has updated all the Pz.IV parts and accessories about a couple years ago, including the wheels. Now made from Masters of Frontline Hobbies

2) When the metal parts separate, there is a method to repair the connection. It is in the instruction manual. Basically make an L shape bracket and glue/bolt to both sides. It does not involve welding

3) Bending the front curved armor is easy with 20 gauge metal. Just use a "fire extinguisher" or some large pipe to control your bend angle

Your final product is VERY convincing. Congratulation on a beautiful tank!

I'm currently finishing a commission build Nashorn for a customer, with full crew from Egonzinc, and Ton is also starting another commission build Nashorn for a European customer. We will post all these pictures here

My FOA nashorn kit was purchased around 2010, and I bought Panzer IV in 2011, both of which have inconsistent wheel thickness. I'm upset about that. I can manage to improve road wheel and The tail wheel by myself, but I have no way to improve The driving wheel. This can cause the wheel to jam or derail when the vehicle moves forward
About steel plate fracture, when I received nashorn suite, car body on both sides of the steel plate is broken, and because the side armor version is too heavy, I can't rely on myself a person to install (hold the steel plate, and then punched or using reinforced Angle), I can only use some glue is unreliable. Because I was a novice at the time, I didn't know how to drill holes on steel plates (which is still a problem today). I've had a lot of experience in recent years, but the initial hull has been closed and it's hard to reinforce it again (unless the entire vehicle is demolished). Recently, the front deck of nashorn was also broken, which prompted me to decide to abandon the whole body and make a new one
I am glad to hear that you have improved the parts. Maybe I will purchase some new parts later. But I've recently been partial to a homemade vehicle. There are some obvious advantages to using acrylic. For example, the acrylic is transparent, and when you install the board, you can see all the structures, and you can reduce the error probability to the lowest, very precise. Acrylic is also very good processing, drilling there is no problem. In addition, the acrylic weight is lighter, and my nashorn has lost 30 percent of its weight. The only drawback is that acrylic is more brittle, easy to fracture, this need to be careful to maintain, but I think, to use ABS plate can avoid this problem, the same light and easy to process, I suggest you use ABS sheet fully replace steel plate, in the field of static model
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