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Aircraft Designations - Database

Hoping that some one can help with this. Allied aircraft in WWII usually were identified by a three letter code. The first two identified a squadron and the third letter identified the aircraft in the squadron.

Have been searching for a data base that would identify the possible fighter squadron / fighter group that a plane belonged to. With only two letters, there probably would be an identifier that was used by several Air Force Groups, such as the 8th AF based in England, the 12th (North Africa) , 9th - (Middle East, ect for other theaters of operation and also changed depending on the location of base of operation. By knowing the three letters would like to narrow down the possible FG. By knowing the type of plane, this would then narrow it down to a specific FS /FG

For instance, P-47 UN-M belonged to the 63rd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, plane designation "M". Specifically, I'm looking for the fighter squadron /group that flew P-47's with id "TS".

Any help would be appreciated.

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