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Letter from camp

Dear Dad,
I'm having a great time here at the Olympic training facility. Heer Spender and Fraulein Dr. Elsa have been very nice and say they think I'm a shoe in for a Gold Medal at the 1940 Games in power lifting. I'm very excited and looking forward to showing what Heer Spender calls "The superiority of the aryan ubermensch" at the summer games in two years. One question dad, what's an "aryan ubermensch"?
I just want to thank you for making me the man I am. And Fraulein Dr. Elsa says thanks too. I know you've often said that you wanted me to be a man of many parts and I know now that I am. and Elsa said she appreciates your choice of parts too, whatever that means.
I'm enclosing a picture of myself and F. Dr. Elsa and Heer Spender as well as your former lab assistant and my current roomate Mr. Bobo. I can tell he misses home as do I but it's been a great experience for him and Heer Spender says he's never seen a gymnast who can hold a candle to Bobo. I know he's going to make us all proud too.
Love from your devoted son,
The Monster
PS - I never understood why you named me "The Monster" but again Elsa said she couldn't imagine me being named anything else and then said "woof". She does different experiments with me than you Dad, and they are way more fun, but I'll save that for another letter.
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