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Well, I don't broadcast it, neither do I hide it. The Wife does not approve and complains about time I spend on it, this is not actually above 6 hrs a week. Also about the room taken up . Good job she aint seen the loft ! she cant get in by the way We ( son ) have the key !
It began when my son complained about his new Action man, I admit it is a poor offering these days. It when t to the car boot sale. I looked in the loft , found 2 old Joes from 68, battered an all for him. At a re enactment iin 99 - I do this too. ( F&I & Rev War) I shoot & hunt with flintlocks too.

We saw a stand with Dragon figures etc, Son siad Dad can I have one, 1 became 12 ? We collect US figs mainly Para's. I have put together a set ( in secret ) for him 1 of each rank for 506th 101ST AB with medic , MP , engineers , sniper etc. of D DAY - 1944. Going for more detailed kit / equipment over time to enhance the set.
He now has a Stuart & crew 7th Armoured - thanks for the help on that one fellers ! and a hasbro Willies jeep. Looking for other vehicles and detailed equipment for them. I take pride in my work ,and of other modellers . I too am honoured and thankful of the efforts made to buy our freedom. I too have met negative sentiment towards those who fought in WWII. Also the PC anti Nazi brigade. I try explain that by understanding how a situation arose, we can try avoid it happening again.

I don't hate Germans or anyone for that matter, few of that generation are left alive now anyway of either side, who were involved in WWII.
My Gramps always said, you do not visit the sins of the father upon the son or daughter. Arn't these " groups " doing just that, is not P.C. rather in-tollerant of anything out of the " norm". I thought WII started like most conflicts, out of intollerance. Semms they learn nothing & know nothing.

I model this subject, out of WWII interest, out of pride in what they did
and in thanks for our liberty and freedom.
I hope to leave a colection behind, so some future generation will enquire and remember. It is my memorial to those people and skills, to whom I owe my liberty. Its made me friends, I get to e mail you guys, and its a talking point , its better than TV and keeps the brain active.
Keep modelling and hunting, pay no mind to the mindless sad brigade.
They are negative because they don't have your skills and aptitude for detailes and engineering.
" Were not lost Private, were in Normandy"
Joe B BattleboxUK
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