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Egon, Reinhardt of Afrika Korps BDU Accurate?

Hi I am thinking of replacing Egon and Reinhardt's Battle Dress Uniform and replace it with new Afrika Korps updated figures such as Elmo Freytag of Afrika Korps BDUs.

But I am told that Egon and Reinhardt's BDU is accurate due to faded BDU after long expose to harsh sun climate of North afrika.

Can anyone clarifty it??

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DAK uniform webpage here:

IMO it would appear that the newer DML tropical field blouse is on the greener side of "olive green" - but with some appropriate dusty weathering they would take on a more subdued browner shade, obviously.
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Egon and Reinhardt's uniforms are the correct color and would be from 1940 to late 1942. The tropical uniforms came in various shades from brown to olive green. In late 1942 the pleats were deleted from the pockets and in 1943 the pocket flaps were no longer pointed or scalloped. Elmo and Rolf's uniforms are also the correct color with Elmo's uniform being from 1940 to late 1942 and Rolf's being from late 1942 on because it does not have the pleats on the pockets.
Don't use the tropical Luftwaffe uniforms as they had there own and they were a different color than the Wehrmacht's, you could use the Wehrmacht uniform on the Luftwaffe as they did not have there tropical uniform ready until about mid 1941.
Hope this helps.
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