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25% Discount and Location Move

Hi Guys

The time has come that I need to make a move to a more affordable location for my business. With the economy the way it has been for the last two years I am only just making ends meet running my business from Las Vegas. A new venue is a must if I am to make any headway in the future and produce new parts. The move requires money that I do not have at the moment so I am looking for your support to help finance this move.

Advantages of making this move to a new location.
1. My over heads will be cut in half.
2. With the savings on over heads I will be able to employ help for basic assembly, packaging, resin casting and spin casting.
3. Having employees will free up time for me to produce more new parts.
4. Having employees to assist in basic production and assemble will speed up my delivery time on products.

My current lease on my workshop in Las Vegas is due for renewal in April 2011. I plan to make the move before this lease is due.

I am offering a discount on most of my products to make them more affordable to you all in the current economy. See Maintenance Battalion Forum for details.

6th Scale Icons Inc. is dedicated to producing accurately scaled products.
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