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Too much equipment?

Well this started out as the dragon 2nd anniversary figure Rudolf but it quickly turned into a free for all when I got it out of the box. the first thing I saw that I didn't like was the bread bag and canteen so I switched them with one I had in my parts box the strap on the canteen is broke but I figured it just looked like it had been through some real use. then I didn't like the helmet too much so I grabbed another helmet I had laying around and tossed it on because the camo matched the smock (in the pictures it looks like crap but in regular light they really do match). next I just had to swap the gas mask canister for something a bit better so I gave him the one from SOLDAT1. I also noticed I had a facemask in my parts box from Georg Sander so I put that on him and finally finished it all off with a PPSH and drum pouch I had. the last thing I added was the cigarette pack which is one I had bought from the 1/6 scale cigarette shop a while back.

So is it too much, just right, or not enough?
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oh and I forgot I added an E tool and got rid of the loose shovel that came with him. and I do know the PPSH is russian it's supposed to be a war trophy kind of like the pants and raincoat that came with him that I didn't use
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Looks just fine to me! But being as this was my second DML fig I had ever bought he holds a special place in the hole where my heart is suppose to be.
I do know some MG gunners carried a second weapon of some kind,be it an MP 40 or a war prize like you have especially in the latter part of the war so I see no problem there.
All in all a fine bash!
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