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A new board...

Hello everyone. I just got the "okey dokey" from Randy to post a link to a new board that was created because of the Sozzi Affair of 2009. It is called "Wewelsburg Castle". We discuss both political AND military figures. It is designed a bit like The Wolf's Lair BUT not limited to just political figures. So anyhoo, if you wish to visit and post feel free to. However, it is MBA only. Hopefully we can get a few people to not only "join" but also post some comments and post some of your figures. Here is the link:

Wewelsburg Castle

Again thanks to Randy for allowing me to post this AND if I have posted it in the wrong spot please feel free to move it where it needs be. Thanks!
"Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means." Ronald W. Reagan--40th President of the United States
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