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Body Types

With all the new body types I've seen as of late, some of them pretty amazing, seamless/lifelike/etc, curious as to what people are favoring these days and why? I recently purchased a 1/6 Narrow Shoulder 12" Figure Male Body Action Figure Head Play B001 and a couple of the newer DiD bodies(short and tall), but have yet to really play with them as far as posing
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Re: Body Tyes

Interesting question. I have been very reluctant to go with other bodies other than Dragons. The very few I have tried to use ended poorly. BBI and DID bodies all became so loose or just broke have left me staying with Dragon bodies. I have been able to easily modify or swap out Dragon's parts with all the different body types they released. The Neo3 body has been my favorite to use. Very pose able and have been very durable over time.
With the new bodies out now, I see long term issues possible. The seemless bodies splitting apart from age. It seems most new bodies are better from more modern time period, muscular, large breasted, tattoos and head posts that to me look wrong. Just my 2cents. Look forward to others relies.
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Re: Body Types

I have been gravitating towards the shorter bodies myself. My main staple at this point are the DID small bodies (under 12").

I hope the joints don't loosen over time since I manage to purchase at least a dozen of them. I feel the smaller bodies are a more accurate representation of the average height during the time period.

I do agree with you on the seamless bodies. I stay away from those seamless bodies, figures, and onesies the contemporary sci-fi/superhereo figures of late. These are most definitely going to start splitting or cracking over time..and at that price point?

Amazing how the old dragon bodies can still hold up.

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Re: Body Types

I kinda like almost everything available. It is amazing how well the DML figures still stand up to the test of time as well as the bbi G3.5 figures. The generic Hot Toy's rip offs are pretty great as well as being cheap and plentiful. Headsculpts have become awfully well done and also awfully expensive. It's not a bad time for 1/6th in any way other than it's become a whole lot more expensive. DiD starts cranking out three or four figures every month like DML back in the day and your better off buying a sports car. It'd be a cheaper hobby. And fewer women will make fun of you.
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Re: Body Types

Pretty much generic HT and did bodies with corresponding HS. I still have DML Neo bodies but they're slowly being weeded out.
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Re: Body Types

I'm still with DML. I've dumped all the other ones. They are just too awkward and I don't like ball-pegged necks, feets or hands - they do not last in my experience. DiD bodies are horrendous - clunky to say the least. I also don't need to pay $20-40 for a Hollywood HS.
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