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Hienrich & Erwin

Hienrich & Erwin
3rd Fallschrimjager Division December ’44 – January 1945

The 3rd Fallschrimjager Division fought in the Hurtegen forest and then in the Battle of the Bulge. The division was located south east of Malmedy through January of 1945.

This scene depicts the inevitable disparate scramble to hold on to the gains the German armies had secured in the initial stages of the battle of the bulge.

For those of us that lived through the heyday of Dragon Models in the 1/6th world there are a couple of figures that stand out. The reasons that these figures stand out mostly had to do with the shortage of figures delivered to the collectors for one reason or another.

Zimm and Stangenburgh are two figures that fit that mold. They were released as Dragons answer to two excellent Fallschrimjager figures that were among the last figures released by BBI, but the real kicker was the short run in numbers that Dragon produced. I know for myself I honestly never figured to actually get my hands on either of them.

I managed to collect up two boxed Stangenburghs many years ago from an estate sale of a collector that passed away unexpectedly. Through that same collector, I managed to acquire almost every part of the Zimm figure loose. The only things that I did not get was the six-stick ammo pouch for the MP40 and the great coat, which I got from Egonzic – Thank you Eduardo for your help!!!!

The heads are Dragon #495 Hienrich Zimm and # 491 Erwin Stangenburgh. . I stripped and repainted the head with oils. The eyes were done with acrylics, and some shading with pastels.

The bodies are Dragon Neos which have been modified significantly. They have been slimmed down and the joints opened up for more articulation.

The uniforms and equipment are all Dragon, modified and weathered. The straps on the mess kit and the water bottles was replaced with ones from Battlegear Toys. Every part on the figures was modified and weathered, the belt and Y straps on Zimm are from Newline Miniatures.

The boots are from Newline Miniatures. They were weathered with acrylics and pastels.
The weapons were repainted and weathered with acrylics, enamels, and pastels.

The base was done with celluclay , Woodland Scenic’s shrubbery and snow effects, I also added some leaves under the snow.

Jupiter, FL
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Great work on spiffing them up. Two very nice sculpts from Dragon that you've brought to life.
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Great work as usual Hank
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Great stuff, but their boots are too clean!
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

What a great pair of...well...figures. Very nicely done and I particularly like the way your dressed and equipped them, the grenades around the neck illustrate one of the more novel ways of carrying them - a very nice touch. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Fantastic looking paratroopers
Got to love those Africaners
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

A couple of things that I forgot to put into the description. First the crusher on Zimm is from Onesixthunique and as per norm for them is literally a piece of art!!! Secondly the patches on Zimm's sleeves are from the Patch Hut and are very well done!!! I apologize gents for forgetting to get this into the original description .

Jupiter, FL
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Love the winter late war FJs! The bulk of the bonesack over the greatcoat is just awesome. Your versions look great.
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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

They look great, Hank!

I like what you've done with them - the upgrades are well-done!

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Re: Hienrich & Erwin

Excellent work!!
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