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Queston about vehicle markings

I am trying to wrap up my Jeep project, and I am trying to get the markings correct.

If I go with the 82nd AB, 505th, it should read:

82AB-505PI C-4

That will fit on the front bumper, what SHOULD go on the rear? I have seen it abbreviated down to just the first group and one bumper pad and third group on the other bumper pad.

82AB C-4

Is this right?
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Re: Queston about vehicle markings

I am remember back to my Army days and I don't think that the Regiment would be part of the vehicle ID. I did a fast google as I was not sure if this was still current for WWII. However, I found this link and thought it would be helpful

WWII Unit Identification Markings for U.S. Military Vehicles, Jeep and Truck Bumper Markings (

My understanding would be 82AB left side and then unit/vehicle on the right (i.e. company vehicle).

I agree the front bumper has more room for this information and I have not seen a good reference for how the rear might look.

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Re: Queston about vehicle markings

I'm not sure for WWII but the left bumperette can have two lines. Thus:

82AB-------- C-4
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