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Kugelblende 30 Question

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building a partial, static Panzer III Version F and I’m having trouble sourcing a ready-made kugelblende 30 ball. I'm evaluating whether I can use some of those already available from our various sources, like the 50mm or 80mm, or if I should just make my own, since after all, it's basically a sphere! But I'm stuck on what its diameter should be in 1:6 scale.

Based on what I’ve read online so far, the mm designations for the various kugelblende, 30, 50, 80 and 100, are particular to the tank it’s being used for and like some I’m sure, I had assumed that the mm measurement was for the diameter of the ball. But this would make very small balls in 1:1 scale; for example, 30mm is approx. 1.2 inches, 50mm is a little under 2 inches, 80mm is a little over 3 inches and 100mm is just under 4 inches. Since the front armor of a Tiger I is 100mm and it's fitted with the kugelblende 100mm, I’m inclined to think that’s no coincidence.

With that said, does anyone know the approximate diameter for the kugelblende 30mm ball in either 1:1 or 1:6 scale? Since these balls pretty much house the same armament, the MG-34, how much do the 30, 50, etc. actually differ in size? I'm thinking that the mm designation has something to do with fitting the entire kugelblende assembly with a particular thickness of a tank model's hull armor. Thank you very much.

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