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The Cooler Member and Commercial Unfair Trading & Business Practices

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David Griffiths

Over the course of the last twelve months, an unfortunate situation has been developing. A vendor, David Griffiths has been marketing a growing product line of Tiger 1 upgrades to members of the Armortek Forum and Steel Dragons. Although the quality of these items is quite good, the timeliness of delivery has been poor. David requires full payment in advance and has repeatedly missed one production/delivery deadline after another. Pricing for these products has been excessive and the communication between his customers has ranged from inconsistent to non existent. Only recently has many of us learned that David does NOT take part in the manufacture of these goods despite numerous indirect and direct representations to the contrary.

As of June 7th, David cannot market his products on the Armortek Forum until he has satisfied all outstanding accounts. Several of his customers have been waiting for upwards of 12-18 mos after having paid in full in advance. His tendency to collect monies prior to making the parts available must be corrected or you will be at risk of not receiving your merchandise.
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Sad to say this Is old news, Dave's been conducting his bussiness like this for years now. I have experienced his bullshit and have been really let down by him. As far as quality of his product, well as you said, It's not his product, and It Is inconsistent. Most of It is unassembled photo etched brass part's that are way over priced. I highly suggest dealing with Toyrific/MikeStandard, his product Is less expensive, twice the quality, and he has great bussiness ethic's (fast delivery/great communication's).
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i want to add this link to Richards site for those who have been railroaded by this guy :Web Page Name

thanks Richard and all the others involved for outing this guy , i knew early on he was a problem and stopped doing business with him years ago due to his persistent attemts to get stuff from me without paying , things like , "go ahead and send the order , the checks in the mail" of course i dont ship anything until i receive payment , so he would eventualy pay , tokk 6 months in one instance , i finally tired of his B.S. and told him where to stick it , glad i did , all the best to those trying to recover funds , i hope you get your monies back , and David , if you read this , Shame on you , your the lowest , and its good to know my instincts about you were right on from day one.
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