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Seeking information on my father's service

I am wanting to research my deceased father's service. What I know is his rank, serial number, he served in North Africa, was part of the Anzio landing, spent time in Rome, then to France. I have a couple of his passes, insignias and general notes. Any recomendation on how to piece together a history of his unit?
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Jon Gawne put out a book that shows you how to do this exact thing. Here is a link to it at
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Thanks for the information. I have been wanting to research my Grandfather's records too. He flew the Hump during the war. I have his medals, dog tags and CBI patches. We did not know until after he died that he had a purple heart. I live in Columbia where Fort Jackson is located. I have been begging my Dad to go with me to the Fort to try to find out more. I will see about getting this book then begging my Dad even harder. Thanks again...Kat

PS. Aweber, I hope you don't mind that I added something different to your post. I have just been thinking about doing the same thing you are doing. I wish you good luck.
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Best bet is thru the Archives in St. Louis. Try contacting a Vet organization like VFW, DAV, AL, etc.. they will for sure be able to set you on the right track and help with the Archives. I don't have any of the info available at the mo, but the various organizations will. Or try google to find the addy in St Louis.

There are some forms that you will have to fill out and then , very very patiently, wait.

I wouldn't recommend going to Ft Jackson, or any other for that matter. AFAIK, all you will get is blank looks and a bunch of shrugs. Bases do not keep those type of records laying around waiting on someone to come look. Especially from that far back.

Good luck
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Based on the campaigns he was in the 3rd ID is the only canidate.

North Africa - 1st, 1st Amd, 2nd Amd, 3rd, 9th, 34th

Sicily - 1st, 1st Amd, 2nd Amd, 3rd, 9th, 45th, 82nd Abn

Italy (up to Rome) - 1st Amd, 3rd, 34th, 36th, 45th, 82nd Abn (509th-504th PIR)

Anzio - CCA 1st Amd, 3rd, 34th, 45th, 82nd Abn (509th-504th PIR)

The 3rd, 36th, 45th, and 82nd elements were removed from the campaign to fight in France.

The 3rd ID is the only infantry unit consistant with your father's campaign trail. !Assuming he never transferred to another Division.
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