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"Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Well here is something I did last year. I read a book on these guys and decided to make a figure on this unit. What I found interesting was that half of this battalion-sized unit was composed of penal soldiers serving for various disciplinary convictions. Interesting enough, they volunteered to serve in this SS-FJ battalion for a very special mission. They were assured after this dangerous mission that they would be reinstated into their Waffen-ss units or remain in the ss-fallschirmjager battalion with proper rank and status. The other half of this unit was comprised of officers and senior NCOs who would lead them into the special mission.
Anyways many other kit-bashers have done SS-FJ in the past, this is my interpretation of a senior NCO from this unit during their most famous mission..i'm sure everyone knows what the mission was at this point.

"Zweite Welle Kommt An!"
("Second wave is arriving!")

Operation Rösselsprung

"Red Group"
SS-Fallschirmjägerbataillon 500


--Some reference images--

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Panzercommander HOH
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Love the German title and the figure's pose, Miguel!

The accompanying reference photos are superb!

Well done!

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Hammer's Africaners
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Awesome work and figure
Got to love those Africaners
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Love this one!!!
The pose choice of sculpt all tie together beautifully

Jupiter, FL
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Wow! That's a killer presentation. Excellent figure. Thanks for posting.
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Perfect .


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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Dang fine job.
Looks better then the pics at the bottom.
5 stars
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Peter the painter
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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Another masterfully realized figure Miguel, congratulations, your work is always impressive.


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Re: "Zweite Welle Kommt An!!"

Such astounding detail, very rarely do I linger on a figure but there's so much on this one that I'll just have to scroll up and linger some more. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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