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"The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

Hi Again Guys,

Well here's something I did recently. Saw the Classic Movie Apocalypse Now for the hundredth time and always loved this character, who is in the movie only for a few minutes. He left an indelible mark on my brain. "The Roach" played by Herb Rice was a seminal character (for me) in Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam Masterpiece Movie. Well here's my take on the "Roach".
"Go get the Roach Nigga!!"

"The Roach"


Do Lung Bridge
Nung River


Apocalypse Now

just some reference images-

thank you for looking
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Sgt Shultz II
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

Excellent work!! You captured him really well!!
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

You really nailed his look. Absolutely amazing work.
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

An absolute bang on likeness for the character!

A job well done!

Jupiter, FL
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Kev Longino
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

Superb work!
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Panzercommander HOH
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

The zebra stripe pattern on the M-79 is psychedelic!

Awesome job 'bashing the figure from the movie, Miguel!

Well done!

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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

really great !!
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Re: "The Roach" (Apocalypse Now)

Really nice and that was a great movie.

Really nice, like the way clothing sits.


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