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Captured Soviet Lend-Lease Jeep, a photoshoot

I would never have thought of this had I not of found two photos of a Lend-Lease Jeep captured by the Germans on the road to Stalingrad (I've posted both photos at the bottom of the post). I recently converted a SOTW medic Jeep to a Lend-Lease Jeep to use with my newly acquired Soviet collection, so I thought this would make a perfect photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

On the Road to Stalingrad, Late Summer 1942

Kubelwagen: Clunk... clunk... clunk... [sounds of engine dying]

Captain Fresser: "Bauer, what's wrong?"
Private Bauer: "I don't know sir, I think we're out of petrol."

Captain Fresser: "We're supposed to find Colonel Von Witz, he's supposed to be up the road a few kilometers that way..."

Captain Fresser: "We'll walk... Bauer, bring the gas can, we'll see about some petrol."

Lieutenant Bach: "Bauer, how about a song?"

Private Bauer: "Ich bin die fesche Lola, der Liebling der Saison!
Ich hab' ein Pianola zu Haus' in mein' Salon..."

Captain Fresser: "Look! A vehicle!"
Lt. Bach: "An American Jeep... how strange! Be thankful it's not a Gaz, Bauer..."

Captain Fresser: "It looks like it's in good shape - give it a push Bauer - you too Bach!"

[Jeep motor starts, Captain Fresser gives it some gas, engine revving, etc.]

Captain Fresser: "Eins... Zwei... Drei... One... Two... Three..."

Captain Fresser: "Well done boys! Bauer, mind driving?"

Captain Fresser: "Let's go!"

Now, the photos that inspired this little photoshoot:


Stalingrad: Anatomie einer Schlacht, By: Janusz Piekalkiewicz
Copyright 1977, Südwest Verlag GmbH & Co. KG. München
ISBN: 3 517 006343

pg. 85

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