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British Sniper

British 1st Airborne Sniper
This figure is from Operation Market Garden, The British 1st Airborne was tasked with taking the bridge at Arnhem and hold it until the Armored Divisions arrived. Well like a lot of best laid plans this one was what could be termed a "cluster @#$%!" The book and subsequent movie "A Bridge Too Far" aptly described the outcome. The "para's" acquitted themselves quite well in this battle. I've depicted a sniper on the perimeter trying to hold as time winds down.

The head is Dragon's #321 Jon from the 3rd ID in Iraq April of 2003. I stripped and repainted the heads with oils. The eyes were done with acrylics, and some shading with pastels.

The body is a Dragon Neo which has been modified significantly. It has been slimmed down and the joints opened up for more articulation. the hands are from both Dragon and DID both were modified and repainted.

The Uniform is from 21st Century - This is one of the little gems from 21st, the Denison smock is perfect rendition of the 2nd pattern Denison. I modified it slightly by adding a couple of snaps and buttons on the sleeve cuffs. The pants are a bit light in color and the detail is not as nice as the Dragon offering but once weathered will fit the bill. The helmet is Dragon along with the netting and scrim, the pouches are from Dragon as well, they were also modified as directed in the tutorial. All of the webbing was rebuilt as per Tony Bartons specs, I made a couple of misses but overall it is what the master has detailed in his tutorial. I procured the webbing from Tony and his tutorial is really good, but I've got a couple suggestions if you will. First with the braces the figure that Tony gives will leave you with very little extra, next time I'll go with a little bit longer straps. Secondly when it comes to attaching the brass ends I'd wait till every thing is attached and then put those on - it will make putting those straps through the buckles a little bit easier. I never di get in touch wit Ritchie Edelbourne to try and aquire his etched brass ends that Tony recommends - every contact info I found led to a dead end. If anyone knows how to reach Mr. Eddelborne Id be greatfull for the information.

The boots and gaiters are from Newline Miniatures. They were weathered with acrylics and pastels.

The weapon is off the British weapons carded set from 21st Century. This is also a nice piece especially for the price! The bolt is functional, I repainted it, weathered, added the scrim, and added a sling from Newline Miniatures.
The rest of the equipment is from 21st Century as well, the Sykes fighting knife and its scabbard along with the bayonet and its scabbard. All of this was repainted and weathered.

The base was made with a piece of Styrofoam covered in stucco patch I the drew the rocks in. Then I painted the wall and weathered it heavily. the rest was done with Celluclay and Woodland Sceenics grasses and bushes.

Jupiter, FL
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Re: British Sniper

Very nice. The pose is natural and has a realistic "sighting-in" quality to it.
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Re: British Sniper

Agree...great 'taking aim' pose (something that DML figures are not renowned for and never easy to achieve). Always good to see Brit para posts - particularly in specialist roles. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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Re: British Sniper

Great work and pose. It's nice see how someone use non top quality items and achieve this result

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