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Small civilian fueldrums

For a WWII dio I'm working on, I wanted some civilian items to ad detail.

I saved some cans that had held figs in brandy (tasted good!) because they had some lines running around them looking much like small fueldrums.

Before anybody say this is fantasy - well it is! Comparing the size of these drums with the DML 200l fueldrum (the other container is "kreatif-wasser" from Carlsberg) - these must be around 50l - or so. AND I dont' know if either Shell or Azur ever sold either fuel or oil in 50l drums before or during the war - so these drums are indeed fantasy.

I printed some logos from the web (thanks to Froggyfelix for finding a "Azur"logo for me) - cut them out and laid them on the cans. Pencilled around them. From there it was freehand painting - the good thing being that rustspots would cover up all the places where I f***'ed up.
2 things made the painting hard - the lines running around the cans and the challenge of painting a circular logo that was flat on to curved surface - but I think I got away with it.
I'm not satified with the blue colour in the "Azur"-logo- no matter what I have used I can't removed the shine from it.
If you don't recognize the Shell logo - this is the one used before 1948 - I almost went by the wrong one.

Hope I havn't bored you too much.


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k ration
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believe this or not i do remember the shell can. neat item.
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Nice cans you got there.
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