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Search results

  1. Tony Barton

    Private,1st Marine Division 1942~1943 Guadalcanal

    Very simple, but very effective figure.I like the weathering, perfectly done without overdoing it.
  2. Tony Barton

    Soviet Helmet Color

    The answer seems to be "several shades of green". Have a look at these, on the World Helmets site( an excellent resource, by the way ). http://www.world-war-helmets.com/fiche?q=Casque-Russe-Ssh-36 These vary from light apple green, to a deep Olive colour, like a dark US OD.
  3. Tony Barton

    Thomas Atkins in Egypt, 1801

    58th Regiment in Egypt. Bonaparte’s adventure in The Orient in 1799, invading Egypt , beating the ruling Mamelukes, then getting bogged down trying to maintain his grip on the country, was glamourised at the time by the European press, and by later French painters. The British saw it as a real...
  4. Tony Barton

    british glider infantry question

    It's true that Glider Pilot Regiment men were trained soldiers, for D-Day and Market Garden, and something of an elite. But for Varsity in March 1945, a very large operation , such had been the previous Glider Pilot losses that RAF pilots were drafted in to replace them, including my father. He...
  5. Tony Barton

    WW1 IN ONE SIX Website UPDATED!!

    Sorry, but the camo background now means that much of the text on the Home Page is unreadable.
  6. Tony Barton

    british glider infantry question

    On reflection both is right , since they would carry a small pack ( rations, messtins) even with a Bergen, by carrying the smallpack at the hip. I rather think everyone in a glider had a Bergen, even if they didn't wear it after landing.. my father, a glider pilot, was certainly issued with one...
  7. Tony Barton

    1794, 40th Foot in Flanders

    40th Foot 1794 This figure is part of my attempts to make a typical figure for each decade of the British Army’s history. This loopy idea , a dolly per decade, at least gives me something to focus on, and actually has proved so far to be quite a good stimulus to research. The Revolutionary...
  8. Tony Barton

    Pacific 'Digger'

    Admirable project. Had you thought about making the slouch hats for real, in felt ? Trying to beat vinyl ones into shape sounds like more work that you want. Moulding them in felt only takes a bit of preparation, and a little practice. Or you could buy ready made stetsons from BGT and reshape...
  9. Tony Barton

    Anybody hear from Tony Barton lately?

    Thanks for the concern, I'm OK. My health has been taking a tumble in the last two years, so I don't have the energy that I did, but I'm still making things. Mostly I focus on earlier periods nowadays , not so relevant to SAG. But I'm still in business so far as castings, badges and heads are...
  10. Tony Barton

    British soldier in Berlin, 1960s.

    Sourdoh, there's one thing in this world I hate, it's gardening! Give me making figures any day.
  11. Tony Barton

    British soldier in Berlin, 1960s.

    British soldier early 1960s. This is just a bit of fun ,outside my normal time period, that fell together from some spares I had collected, after a discussion with a friend about how one could remake the 1960s toy “ Tommy Gunn “( a sort of British based version of GI Joe) as a more upmarket...
  12. Tony Barton

    Swiss hallebardier Burgundian Wars (1474–1477)

    Excellent figure, and so good to see something from the 15th century for a change.
  13. Tony Barton

    25 Pdr. QF with Limber and Quad Gun Tractor

    Superb piece of work : what an enormous project to take on !
  14. Tony Barton

    British Officer on the Somme

    British Officer on the Somme... When I first started getting serious about 1/6th , building an accurate Great War figure was hard. There were the Sideshow figures , but most of the parts were poorly cast in PVC .The uniforms could be worked on , but other items had to be made , converted ...
  15. Tony Barton

    Tommies from the Somme Battles

    Thanks everyone. I confess that the first figure was done about six years back , and the second only finished last year. I'm not well enough yet to set up the trench diorama pieces (post-op recovery ) but I thought it worth putting up the pics to commemorate the anniversary. One remark about...
  16. Tony Barton

    Tommies from the Somme Battles

    As my recovery progresses, I’ve now had the energy to get the trench set out and take some more pics. Here’s a few more pics on the same theme. Two more of the Northampton’s bomber, this time showing his “ Battle Patches “ and bomber’s badge , and the grenade vest hung on a convenient peg while...
  17. Tony Barton

    Tony Barton

    Update today is that I managed to walk to the village shop, and the doctor's surgery , unassisted. I can't get out of first gear and need the stick, but I can walk now. I need to keep moving to get muscles back into shape. The best news from the biopsy is that the polyp was NOT the malignant...
  18. Tony Barton

    Tony Barton

    Gentlemen , thanks for your concern. I am very slowly recovering from a major operation to remove a blockage from my small bowel. It's going to be several more weeks before I'm well again, and it's a painful road so far. But I am slowly making progress. The onset was very sudden , quite...
  19. Tony Barton

    Soldier Story Chinese question

    Well, there are lots of pics there if you Google, but some are pre-war , some post-war and they don't explain very much on their own. First , British 8th Army :~ Replace the breeches with KD trousers, or shorts worn with hosetops, and short puttees . The buttoned pullover is a distinctly...
  20. Tony Barton

    bugler oxfordshire & buckinghamshire light infantry ww2

    He's come out very well. There are a couple of points : the Ox & Bucks were an Airlanding , Glider-borne Regiment, so would wear the standard Battledress trousers, not the Parachutists type with the special pockets. And his webbing would probably be Blancoed one of the several possible shades...