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    Joelanta 2009 - May 17th

    It was a great show from my perspective, the Joelanta crew provided a really good venue, kept things interesting throughout the day with door prizes etc, and their infectious good energy. One of the things I like about this show is the dedicated following of regular attendees that has been...
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    A few sights at DX 08

    Glad you liked the boots Bob! I also think they make a big difference! NewLine is not supplying any other manufacturers, I have limited experience with the Toy City boots, but those that I have seen differ in quality of leather, I have not seen those that have similally constructed soles (I...
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    A few sights at DX 08

    Thanks for putting up some pics Cory - except for #8 - who is that ugly guy!!!??? Yep, those figures are boot25's, it was a great pleasure to meet him, and to see his fantastic work up close. As always, the usual suspects showed up and we managed to have some fun. Some of the highlights for me...
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    M3 Halftrack

    Yep, it sure is nice! I saw it at the Myrtle Beach show, Toy Chest had one on display. I'm saving my pennies! Graham
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    Ontario Model Soldier Society June 14/15 2008 Toronto Canada

    Wish I could have been there - I can't get enough of shows! Kudos to those who made it happen, sounds like it was greatly appreciated by those who attended. Keep 'em coming, you really discover the benefits and pleasures of shows only if you can attend! Graham
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    french kepi ?

    If you can find one (maybe Cotswold Collectibles) there was an Action Man French Foriegn Legionaire, it may even have been re-issued (again, check Cotswold). The Kepi was a pretty good shape, maybe a little large for some heads these days, but might be worth checking out. Sorry, I don't have a...
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    Show in Myrtle Beach was great

    Sound's like there is a need for a 'Travelling' show, incororating the talents not only of the major manufacturers, but of the extremely talented individuals who contribute soooo much to our hobby - imagine all the great stuff from Mike's show in Vegas, Bobby's or any of the show's I only get to...
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    Show in Myrtle Beach was great

    I almost forgot ( must have been a little distracted - can't think why) A BIG thank you to those who attended, I hope you liked the conventioneer package, I thought they were pretty dang cool! I know of one who made the trip from the NE, (can't remember if it was Philly or Pittsburg or the...
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    Show in Myrtle Beach was great

    It was indeed a great show, in terms of what there was to see and buy, and the way it was put together - Bobby's generosity of spirit is enourmous, and the passion he has for this hobby and Museum was evident in many ways, very infectious and pleasing to be around. I think it's important to say...
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    Joelanta 2008

    ....it was probably taking that picture of Cory and I that made your camera die Dennis, it may never recover! As always, Joelanta was a blast, it was good to meet you too Dennis, and to find out that all I've heard about you isn't true! (only joking!) It was great to catch up with 'all the...
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    M2-A1 / M2

    These really are nicely done conversions, if you get the chance to see them up close you will get a much better idea of how well detailed they are, Mike and Cory put a lot of skill and work into these! The Diorama was pretty nice too, after Bobby had built the base it took 4 guys just a few...
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    Back online and a new project

    Nice job John! (nice kitchen too, what's for supper?) I trust we will see more of the progress! There are not many guy's who can say they have a 1/6 scale hot tub/gun emplacement in the kitchen! Does your 'outside' have an area where this will have a permanent, fixed home? Graham
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    Looking for a good helmet weathering tutorial

    You're welcome. This example is pretty heavily weathered, but choice of colours, amount of paint used and the time 'shaken' can produce a variety of pleasing effects. This method can be used for other 'metal' items too, gas mask cannisters, mess kits etc. Graham
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    Looking for a good helmet weathering tutorial

    For a fairly quick, overall weathering technique, try this: An acryllic wash with suitable earth, dust color. ( enamels work just as well) Remove or cover helmet liner. Drop a few small nuts, bolts, screws or similar into a coffe can (or similar container) -remove coffe first! Add small...
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    What are the rarest WWII 1:6 loose items?

    Hey Snorre70, Forgive the off topic comment, but is that Porta I see as your avatar? Nice.
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    civilian clothing

    Re-supply is on it's way - I should receive them early in the week. As soon as I get my hands on them they will ship to dealers that are waiting and I'll get them on the web site also. This has been well received, look out for more of this stuff in the coming months. Graham
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    Some new - Newline items and a kitbash

    The Civilian Work suite and butcher-boy/news-boy cap will be available at the NewLine web site and your favorite dealer as soon as I get the main shipment in, which should be soon. This is the first in the civilian line, I hope it will be well received. Happy Hobbying! Graham
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    OSF Intel and Pictures

    I too am recovering from the trip to Vegas and back - 28hr drive straight through and a 32hr drive straight back again. Looking forward to knowing which way is up again. It was well worth the effort. Ditto to what has been already said, with jam on. A'coming together' of the most incredible...
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    Question about NewLine miniatures

    Thank you for the various and warm welcomes! In the past I have enjoyed the interaction of the forums, I'm very thankful for their existance as they add immensly to my enjoyment of the hobby through sharing. I will check out the Jungle boot thread, all feedback is welcome and appreciated...