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  1. Jim Fowler

    New line of retro-inspired figures

    I say kill 2 birds with one stone......Make him available as a US Tanker! Jim Fowler
  2. Jim Fowler

    Exclusive onesixth.co.uk Interview With Dragon Models – Not Out of 1/6th Just Resting

    I tend to agree with you, it doesn't make sense. But, then again, I don't see much significance in the responses within the article - I wouldn't expect anything less, no matter what Dragon's game plan was - no company is going to say their done in a given market and close the door of...
  3. Jim Fowler

    Kurt Knispel body found.

    I think he would be a great subject for a production figure! I think its long past due. I am glad to see he was finally found, I guess even in death he was willing to let others go ahead of him.... Best Wishes, Jim Fowler
  4. Jim Fowler

    Is Dragon leaving the 1/6 market?

    I don't know guys, But, with the delays in bringing the Firefly to market, I think DML is putting the 1/6 stuff on the back-burner. I think we are in for a long dry-spell...... Well, times and markets change. And, we have to as well.... Jim Fowler
  5. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Well, I am left wondering what was so wrong it caused a six month delay in the kit's release? Or, what differences in existing parts will this kit improve or change? Is this delay all in the making of a cast upper hull and main gun parts? Are they giving it different tracks? What made...
  6. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Yeah, makes you think......
  7. Jim Fowler

    What do you guys think about a U.S. 1/6th manafacture

    Well, I think the approach is wrong. What I mean is forget about making figures, there are lots available. Instead, start by making the gear and the clothes/uniforms. Look to sell that as a start, then if that goes well, look into producing whole figures... Just my thoughts, Jim Fowler
  8. Jim Fowler

    DiD M. Wittmann Tiger Ace limited edition

    I don't know if I totally agree. See, a lot of the photos of him seem to be taken in the field; and there he looks much thinner in the face and more hollowed around the eyes - as you would expect. But, the figure seems to be fashioned more possibly from picture of him on leave. I think the...
  9. Jim Fowler

    DiD M. Wittmann Tiger Ace limited edition

    Well, I see several places are taking pre-orders on the general release of the Wittmann figure; but, it does not come with that awesome base. Well, even without the base, its a very impressive figure; and, I hope to get one. I think Otto Carius and Kurt Knispel would e two good "Panzer Aces"...
  10. Jim Fowler

    1/6th Diecast WWII Harley-Davidson Military

    The ZY-Toy version is a bit different from the Toy-Model version. First, the ZY version is part plastic and metal and the Toy-Model version is all metal. They are to completely different model creations as ZY vesrsion's frame is closer to the original, but the fuel tank shape on the Toy-Model...
  11. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Not according to my email. %25 of any order over $75 for today only. NOT A DEALER PROMO as I got it and I am not a dealer.
  12. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Interesting update: I justgot an email add from Dragon USA Online with a April Fools Promotion of %25 off any order over $75 - promocode = APRILFOOLS2014. That puts the Firefly at approximately $375.00 with free shipping. The catch....its only good for today! In case anyone is...
  13. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Oh, I think there will be some out there..... Best Wishes, Jim
  14. Jim Fowler

    Is the DML Firefly getting close ?

    Well, a buddy tried to order one of the DragonUSAonline website and got a reply back from Dragon that it was pushed back to end of April or May....... I want one, but I figure I will wait for it to show up on the market befor seriously worrying about getting one..... Jim
  15. Jim Fowler

    Need Favor: Instructions for DML Sherman

    Got Them, Thanks Karl! Jim
  16. Jim Fowler

    Need Favor: Instructions for DML Sherman

    Well, I went out to HobbySearch - Plastic Model Store already and the problem is they do not stock that model; and, thus no instructions available thru them...... I have searched the web already with no luck. And, Dragoncare won't help help me as I have second-hand kit and no original...
  17. Jim Fowler

    Need Favor: Instructions for DML Sherman

    Guys, Would it be possible for someone to send me a scan(s) of the instructions for the DML 105 Sherman Kit? I would like to get that sent to the following: RC1PANZER(at)FRONTIER(dot)COM Thanks, Jim
  18. Jim Fowler

    OK, maybe one more Sherman from DML....

    Guys, I caught the thread elsewhere on the forum on this upcoming Brad Pitt movie called "Furry". I can't help but wonder, given the existing DML Sherman kit/components/parts, if that may be a future subject for a DML kit release? Just pondering the possibilities, Jim
  19. Jim Fowler

    Any hints on Dragon 1/6 scale armor for next year?

    Jeff, I see the firefly kit not as the out-of-the-box version of a M4 Firefly; it has very strong possibilities as a US M4 too.... I look at one as a possible M4A1/76W or even just a M4A1. Also, the firefly was also fielded by Canada as well as Britain. And, it is one of the most...
  20. Jim Fowler

    New Panzer_4

    The Panzer 4 is just one of those modeling subjects I never get tired of. So many variants and ways to render them..... I wish we could get DML to bring out a 1/6th kit for it.... Of course, it's demand would probably be high; and, I would go broke trying to buy all of them..... Well, a...