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Small Project Pack 75MM

Being winter and my work space still very limited, I have chosen this small project to work on. Trying to make some corrections to the overall shape an detailing. still a ways to go... Comments/improvement ideas welcome!

Detailing of the breech and action. I have added a screw and washer on the top. I used my Dremel to hollow out the firing mech. My intentions are to create a working firing pull on the breech.

I have notice a slight difference in some of my reference, some show a squared off opening (gap) between the top and the gun cradle, some show the V angle as the model itself has been produced. Is this a difference production by manufactures or different versions of the gun?

Here I am working on the overall shape and have added model train O scale electrical pole insulators to represent the grease fittings. I have also added the bolts at the front of the gun. These are a little bit off. Some of my research photo's they appeared to be more forward. After finding more and better reference I see they should have been positioned a little further back towards the breech. Bummer, as I have no plans to set them farther back. I also have corrected the lifting ring on the front and will go back and add the one at the rear when finished working on the breech block. Need to sand the top shape. Add texture to the appropriate areas.

Planning on working on the carriage, wheels, axle, and the sight.

Thanks for looking!
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