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Re: Project - Wehrmacht horsepower - Field kitchen

G'day all,

Firstly, hope everyone on the SAG (and their respective families) are doing okay in these rather peculiar circumstances?.

Secondly, some update pics ref the Large Field Kitchen (Gross 'Gulaschkanone'). As with the accompanying Vorderwagen (Front car), the 'Toy Models' Field Kitchen required quite a bit of research in order to bring it up from its rather spartan origins. Being all-metal though, there were some things I could not rectify...the front left-hand pannier (which housed fluids for the kettle and plates/cutlery for the officer types) is too shallow and the little draw below where I've installed the scratch-built coffee grinder is a cupboard; aside from these, I've been able to fit-out the kitchen to a level better than I had originally envisaged.

Thanks muchly to Scott L. Thompson's 'Gulaschkanone - The German Field Kitchen in World War Two and Modern Reenactment (Schiffer), I've managed to add quite a bit of detail and a forthcoming book (unfortunately in German text only) will hopefully provide more.

Judging by the third fire bay on the rear of the wagen, this is a later production model (it was used to heat a elongated meat roaster which earlier pre-war models did not have which is why earlier models only had two fire bays). From what I can gather, this later variant did not see service 'til early 1941, however; by placing a food container in-front, I can conceal the bay and ash pan in order to have it for an earlier-war variant.
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