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Re: M44 Peadot Tunic Question

When first made, the M43/44 uniform was factory made with sleeve eagles and shoulderboard insignia (with loops). This was the first variation. It was also done in other patterns than Dot (and you can find soldiers still wearing them up to the end of the war).

The changes were due to economy of production, not camo efficacy.

You can find all ranks (not just officers!!) wearing field made or field modded pea dot & other camo items. Tunics were shortened, pockets removed, collars changed, zippers added & some were even field made into actual M44 tunics (British battle dress style).

Insignia was added: from cufftitles to boards to patches to full military awards. Panzergrenadiers were also issued camo wraps of dot and could have factory insignia or no insignia. A pzrg. unit could have troops wearing both wraps and m43 tunics. As a note, pics of the Narva Front show an amazing variety of SS camo items being worn.

In short, it could be any reason why - units got what they got and troops certainly could modify an item. You'd need some really specific unit information to find out the actual why's.
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