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Well then let's get started+Hooligans

Originally Posted by Johnny Canuck";p=&quot View Post
The setting

Berlin November 1945. Devastation reigns, the country is totally destroyed. Chaos and mayhem are the rule of the day. Death lurks everywhere, even she suffers as fresh souls are harder to come by now. Although, there were some really good ones right near the end. Pineapples are also harder to find these days!

Death has had a makeover and is once again preparing to unleash her depraved hordes upon the unsuspecting mortals of the world.

TO BE CONTINUED.................

Anyways here is Death 1945

The next installment ............... when I make somemore stuff.

Johnny Canuck


Another piece of the story, in no specific order yet!

The streets are not safe as gangs of oldage hooligans roam freely and harass the young and middle aged. The authorities seem unable to control the scourage that has descended on the hapless city. Knitting needles and tea are their instruments of fear and destruction.


See ya later!


The End??

The Grime Reaper having a bad day. Nuked? Perhaps Berlin had escaped destruction unscathed and was only totally destroyed after the end of the war during events on the night of October 31, 1945. Urban myth I doult it as you just read it here!


More Hooligans and Misfits.

Generel Specific was by with a motorcycle and he put together another granny and a gimp.

The misfits terrorize the streets by night and day. They take what they want, always more than they need and the authorities seem powerless to put a stop to their shinanigans.
They roar around town on their souped up motorcycles waking slumbering infants and mistreating any youths they come across.


Johnny Canuck

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