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Jagdpanther abteilung Sd Kfz 250 contest entry

Hello everyone, here is my Sd Kfz 250/3 from the 11th panzer division on the Eastern front(Ost Front). I had to completely rebuild the entire front suspension system in order to make it more accurate. The entire engine is scratch built from styrene ,paper and rubber. The interior is also scratch built , from the transmission to the seats and the back hatch. The steering wheel and the front radio set are from Panzerwerk.

The exterior has many components from Panzerwerk ie. the road wheels. Other external accessories are from Armorpax and 6th scale Icons. The distance markers, tool box, medical box and exhaust pipe cover are scratch built . It has so far taken me over a year to build and it is still not finished. I'm waiting for the awesome MwEc and SwS30 radios from sixty drver. Enjoy!

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