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Re: Project - 'Wehrmacht on the Move' - Kubelwagen

Cheers muchly all,

As for where I keep them, it really is a game of 'Tetris' these days and I've had to face some hard facts with regards to perhaps letting some go within the next few months, predominantly some of those used in previous model shows I've done which I've no plans to reshow and some boxed figures which I bought as spares but haven't used (a muster to follow). I plan to start the FOA Flak 36/37 early next year so need to find space for the assembled model and the shelving it indeed at a premium as it is.

As for Kubels, I plan to redo the white-wash variant and the two ambulance types. Half of those seen in the pic I bought second-hand off one-time collectors who had to sell in favour of life's other money-absorbing hobbies (having kids and such).

Cheers, Steve
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